A Reminder re the board game ActiVacation™️©️

Brufus says…. No time like the present!! in case ye missed it…

Here’s a link to a video about that new project of ours. It will be going live on Fundit.ie on 22 Jan at 10am.

The logo, board & card designs are complete and the game is production ready. The intention is to make that a reality in the form of a limited edition of 500 games. All support welcome when it goes live & shares of this information will be greatly appreciated. Watch this space & other social media for future updates.

(I will be updating regularly on FB, Twitter & ibrufus.com as Ursula Kane Cafferty.)

Our new project…

Hi everyone.

I know I’m just a dog… but honestly I’ve been helping my human with her latest project. So much so that I am allowing her to take over this page for the time being….

Two weeks from today on 22nd January at 10.00am our board game project, entitled ActiVacation™️, will be going live on Fundit.ie.

The logo, board & card designs are complete and the game is production ready. Our intention is to make that a reality. All support welcome and shares of this information will be greatly appreciated. Watch this space for future updates.

Here’s the link to a video we made…

All quiet here now

There were still some walkers at The Hook today, though not many. I only found 2 people to jump on. They were nice about it which makes it difficult for me to understand my human’s reaction. But she let me away with it.

Here I am nosing about … thankfully the ground is less mucky than it has been in recent weeks. The sunshine on the water was spectacular and the view through the pirate ship over towards Dunmore East was crystal clear …to me at least! The photos may not do it justice. The green buoy is showing signs of some weather batterings but no doubt it will be repainted in the spring.

Ghost gear…

I found a large amount of ghost gear when we were litter-picking on the beach today. Too heavy for us to move sadly. The amount of washed up plastic was phenomenal so we limited our items to bottle tops, rope, fishermen’s gloves (to add to our growing collection), flip-flops and the odd toy. Believe me that WAS being limited.

Missy & I had great fun running on the beach and over the rocks with a lot of other dogs. Hallie. Fred. Meg. Rosie.

Going for a doggie snooze now.

Turkey dripping 💧

Hi y’all

Quickly checking in here. Hope ye had wonderful Christmas like I did. MISSY IS HERE ON HOLIDAYS. WOWEE!!

Lots of smells & samples, starters and such like. Food everywhere & even a few tasty titbits for me.

In between courses we had a bracing Hook walk (to first wall). Met a lovely, elderly, gentlemanly dog named Ben with his human. He was recovering from surgery so I knew not to be boisterous. I even posed for photos with them. Though I have the feeling I should have moved away & not insisted on being in EVERY single shot.

Since then the salmon has been sampled. Paused for a while then while the turkey browned. Happy out now waiting for whatever comes next. Could be pudding? Could be cheese? Either way Missy and moi are happy with life. 💤 💤 💤

Here she is playing with her new toy.


Well, well, well!

My paw-march worked it seems.

Rumour has it….. Today the traffic lights have been put on amber (for December) and traffic is flowing more smoothly already.

So glad I took part. Woof!

Protest March

I went on my very first protest march today. We were delivering a letter to Westmeath County Council regarding the appalling state of traffic in the town resulting from the recent expensive ‘upgrade’. Don’t make me bark 😂.

Everyone seemed delighted to meet me. I got lots of petting and people cooed over my head about how gorgeous I am. Doubt the march will make any difference in the grand scheme of things. It was more symbolic than anything.

Ah well….

A dog’s Christmas tale!!

I entered this in a competition on Lyric fm, Marty in the morning but I don’t think we won anything !! Thought ye might like it 🐾

Dear Readers, I’m a rescue dog.

We do not have a tree.

My owner has suspicions

That I’d be ‘inclined’ to pee;

She knows how much I’d love the scent,

The trunk would be inviting;

Green-needle carpet-bed beneath,

Could be so dawg-delighting.

Bright baubles, kissing tinsel,

Would be sure to catch my eye …

And kitty-like I’d pounce right there,

Whether hanging low or high.

But my forever rescue home

Is special nonetheless.

My human is assured of ALL

My love and faithfulness.

Oh Readers, don’t gift puppies

In a box beneath a tree;

‘Cos every Christmas, countrywide,

Many dogs start out like me.

I know that I’m a lucky one.

I think you will agree.

Because I was adopted,

Life is marvelous … you see!