Will there be plastic components in the design of ActiVacation®️?

As many of you know, this is usually a dog blog. Our hobby is ‘litter picking’ on the beach. #2minutebeachclean @cleancoasts.

In recent weeks, following storm Brendan, an enormous amount of plastic ‘stuff’ has washed up. So much so that it’s difficult to know where to start. Yesterday the 2 dogs (Missy & Brufus) and I tried to limit ourselves to the most colourful plastic bottle tops. But then we couldn’t resist a few cigarette lighters, plastic forks or parts thereof, and aw heck next thing you know we had a flip flop, the sole of a shoe, biscuit-box-inserts, ropes and lots more!!

Which brings me to the design of ActiVacation®️. I don’t want someone on a beach of the future stumbling across an insert from our box. And while it seems from experience of the prototype that the Tour Guide role might require the robustness of plastic, I am leaning towards heavy-duty cardboard. The samples are of excellent quality which I will attempt to video for you all at some stage shortly.

Have a good day!!


The countdown continues..

Whoop whoop!

Today we received confirmation of our acceptance for the ActiVacation™️®️ trademark.

The Countdown continues…

Less than 48 hours to go to the launch of the crowdfunding campaign. The link will be posted here on Wed morn. Then you will be able to view the all exciting rewards I have planned for donors.

Counting down…

Brufus says…

Just a few more days to the launch of our ActiVacation™️©️ crowdfunding campaign. Then we’ll be able to post the link for y’all.

But in the meantime here is a sneak preview of one of the potential rewards.

For the pledge of as little as €10 you can have your name, or a name of your choice, included for posterity in the game’s Rule Book.

Think of some famous board games you enjoy (ours are Scrabble, Cluedo & Yahtzee) and imagine your name was included in the original limited edition. That’d be a nice ‘claim to fame’!

Wednesday next at 10am is your chance to get in at the start. 🐾 🐾

‪Less than a week to go!

My board-game crowdfunding appeal ActiVacation™️©️goes ‘live’ on Fund.it.ie on 22/01/2020‬

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for ongoing information.

There are many interesting rewards for those who pledge to donate. All shares appreciated.