And just like that … she’s gone!

Twenty-three days we had together. Such fun, caring & sharing our doggie life.

Her human had been away golfing but he joined us for the past week of fun and frolics. Our usual Hook haunts such as Slade Harbour etc. but also Forth Mountain. Duncannon beach. Johnstown Castle (again!) to name a few.

Hallie and her human were here at the weekend too so it was great fun altogether.

But alas all good things must come to an end. And it all seems very quiet here this evening. Nothing for it but to post some fun photos and enjoy dreams of my peacock days.

😢 And I’ll end today’s blog with my song choice of ‘Walk on by’ by Dionne Warwick 🎼

One thought on “And just like that … she’s gone!

  1. You’re a right pair Brufus. Everyone I met was asking me when would she be home. Sure you’ll see her soon again. I can’t wait to get a lick from her.


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