Photo gallery of the past few days.

A wood pigeon lives in the tree behind our house. She looked on enviously (but not quietly) as we enjoyed a yummy barbecue with neighbours on Monday. Glasses were raised in thanks for summer fun and wishing luck to E for her return to school.

Between courses we played a few games of ‘Corn Hole’ … until the light faded too much for us to see. At the start Missy didn’t like the thudding noise and screeches of excitement when a 3 or 5 was scored but she was well used to it & wanted to be in on the action by the time darkness fell.

Here’s a link to the game if you’re not sure what it’s about. Suits every age group.

The next day we went walking in the forest by a river … sooo exciting!

Missy’s stick was too big to make it through the gap so she had to abandon the effort
This sensory path is a new addition. Made for human activity I know but ‘twas a delightful experience for our little paws 🐾

Tintern Trails

It was back to the beach on Wednesday and today. Blissful!

We met an enormous jellyfish.
And Missy tried to ‘kill’ her stick.

Hallie went home last night.

We are resting on the couch this afternoon. 💤

2 thoughts on “Photo gallery of the past few days.

  1. Thanks Brufus. Was just wondering about you all. So glad you are enjoying life so much.. Lucky dogs ye all are! Please give Missy my love and a big hug to yourself too.


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