Craic on the beach

Missy is still enjoying her holiday. It’s a nice mix of activity and rest. We had brilliant craic stick-chasing at the beach yesterday. Because of the sunny weather there were a lot of people on MY usually-private beach (😉) but we found a good spot to play at. And after that we went over the rocks to a quieter place for further excitement.

I noticed that the human was hiding extra sticks inside her T-shirt. I think that’s because Missy murders at least one branch a day by chewing, banging, biting, burying and rattling and we need to have some on reserve to keep her happy the following day.

Have a look at our videos. No prizes for guessing who the boss is in this relationship!! 🐾

2 thoughts on “Craic on the beach

  1. Thank you so much, Brufus, for this update. Here we are missing Missy very much but happy to know she is enjoying life so much with you on her holidays. Give her a big wag from me and one for yourself too. I will be looking out for more news and any pics or videos you can send.

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