I’m back!!

Hi all. Just a quick note to say I’m back!!… and the human is with me. I got her through all the lockdowns safely and together we have reached this wonderfully sunny day, 1st June, 2021. (I’ve heard her say she’d never have survived without me.)

Watch this space for updates in the coming days & weeks. I have so much news I don’t know where to start. So I’ll think about what story to begin with & I’ll be in touch then.

In the meantime enjoy this photo from my current #staycation address in the sunny south east. My very own Amalfi coast!!

Today’s music choice is ‘When we’re together’ the Mona Lisa Twins version… because I love being with my human. it’s my happy place. But mostly all the songs from that album are right up my alley. Bye for now ….. 💕

3 thoughts on “I’m back!!

  1. Hi Brufus, I know that you have been on duty throughout the lockdowns. Your human adores you as well but you know that. Sadly your friend Solo went to join his brother Ozzy last week at the end of the rainbow. I’m sending this correspondence on behalf of both of them 🐾🐾. Forever in our hearts and never forgotten.

    The weather has picked up at last- Brufus you can look forward to foraging, socialising and continued friendship with you human. Soul mates Brufus and Ursula.

    Lots of love and hugs to you both. xx🐶🐶 Solo and Ozzy will be glad to greet and meet you too at the end of the rainbow when you’re coming that way.

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    1. Aw so sad to hear your news Joan. I certainly don’t underestimate the impact of losing Solo & Ozzy in such quick succession. Hopefully my blog will help you feel close to them both as you read about my upcoming doggie antics. Sending massive Brufus-shaped ‘hugaroundtheknee’ love your way.
      Mwah 😗


  2. Welcome back Brufus!! Looking forward to reading all about your walks and adventures with your human, who I know would not have survived the past year without you.


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