Leap Day 2020

Hi everybody. 

Its Leap Day 2020 today and I am thrilled to report that my crowdfunding campaign is now 106% funded at https://fundit.ie/project/activacation–the-family-board-game

Midlands 103 Friday Discussion Panel 28th February 2020

Such an amazing response. 

Yesterday I was honoured to be a member of the Friday Discussion Panel on Midlands 103 Radio station with Will Faulkner, John Leahy and Jeff Harvey. We discussed topics as varied as Coronavirus, people’s worries and the fact that this is a leap year.  I told the story of how I was an ‘extra’ in the proposal scene of the 2010 movie ‘Leap Year’, starring Amy Adams, which was partly filmed in Ireland. But of course I also had plenty of airtime to discuss ActiVacation as well.

This morning I was interviewed live on Facebook by the great Ray Dolan #frommullingarinmullingar about the game and the campaign.

Video link below

With just under 4 days to go there is still plenty of time for people to get involved in this crowdfunding campaign project. While most of the high value rewards are sold out, there are still many opportunities to become investors in this certified LIMITED EDITION of 500 games; a product which has the potential to become a collector’s item in years to come. 

Here follows the link to that interview. Please keep spreading the word. Every euro raised will go towards production & launch.


Thanks again 


PS … Getting a corporate sponsor on board would be brilliant if you know of anyone who might be interested!!

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