Turkey dripping 💧

Hi y’all

Quickly checking in here. Hope ye had wonderful Christmas like I did. MISSY IS HERE ON HOLIDAYS. WOWEE!!

Lots of smells & samples, starters and such like. Food everywhere & even a few tasty titbits for me.

In between courses we had a bracing Hook walk (to first wall). Met a lovely, elderly, gentlemanly dog named Ben with his human. He was recovering from surgery so I knew not to be boisterous. I even posed for photos with them. Though I have the feeling I should have moved away & not insisted on being in EVERY single shot.

Since then the salmon has been sampled. Paused for a while then while the turkey browned. Happy out now waiting for whatever comes next. Could be pudding? Could be cheese? Either way Missy and moi are happy with life. 💤 💤 💤

Here she is playing with her new toy.

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