A bridge too far?

The steam was puffing off the tarmac as we left the beach today. All saturated, we huffed up the slipway slope in a state of sheer exhaustion. Missy was dripping wet from fetching sticks thrown to the waves, while I was sopping due to the fact that I’d been chasing every possible breed of bird through the shallows with never a hope of catching one.

The human on the other hand was wet right through from the heavy rain showers that unexpectedly arrived when we were 5 coves out with not the remotest sign of shelter. We momentarily took cover beneath a cliff but signs of recent avalanche activity in that general area soon sent us back out into the thunderous open beach.

‘Ah sure, can’t I change when we get home!’ I heard her say aloud. And with that we continued litter-picking on our merry way.

Some interesting finds after the windy weekend include a very heavy object which we thought might be from a road sign. But how did that end up washing in off the ocean tide we wondered? Nothing for it but to ask the Twitterati …

Sure enough we didn’t have to wait long for a reply. A helpful gent from Scotland explained… see screen grabs below.

I think a suitable music choice for today might be ‘Bridge over troubled water’ by Simon & Garfunkel 🎼🎹🎤

More anon!!

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