Some amazing finds

We have been busy. It’s been difficult to apply ourselves to blogging… so here goes, for today.

Our #2minutebeachcleans continue, though we spend a lot more time than 2 minutes. More like 2 hours. We three (Missy, who is here on holidays, myself & my human) have removed bags & bags of plastic from the local beaches. One weekend we had help from Hallie the terrier & her human. A lot the rubbish has been washed up but plenty is freshly discarded by careless humans. We know that because my human sometimes glances at the expiry dates on things such as crisp packets, yoghurt drinks bottles and biscuit wrappers, to name a few. Cigarette butts are our pet hates. My human tut-tuts every time she sees one.

We have found many items such as the obvious kids toys, buckets & spades etc. This one is ‘Tiny the puppy’ from the 2019 McDonalds fast food ‘Secret life of pets’ toy series. A Russian-made import (we hear)… we found it in the middle of a clump of shiny seaweed at the water’s edge. Still in perfect working order, it has a rolling wheel on the bottom that moves Tiny’s ears into a heart shape and then his ears flap as he’s propelled along by a human hand.

As seen at 3 minutes into the following YouTube video.

💜 Awwww…. so glad he didn’t end up in a fish’s tummy. Or, shock/horror, imagine if he had crashed on the rocks & eventually broke into micro plastics & ended up in YOUR tummy.

More anon….

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