Hello again!

At long last I’m back at the Coves. For some time now I have been aching to outline my recent adventures in blog format but my human has been procrastinating.

Firstly let me say I’m all grown up now. The human says I’m the best dog in the world… but then adds ‘if only he’d stop jumping on people for cuddles’. 😳

I think the human takes good care of me. But not too sure at times. For instance….I no longer look like a spaniel/setter cross because the spa-man visited our house to give me a grooming session. (First in my life). The giant clippers & wind machine were frightening but it was heavenly in the summer heat that he took a lot of weight off my contours. However, now people assume I’m a ‘labrasomething’.

We also went to that house where cats and dogs visit and after telling the human I had tartar on my teeth, Jenny stuck needles in me. So after hearing that news, I started sticking my tongue out between my teeth in the evenings whilst lounging on my sun-room cushion and the human brought me to another cat/dog house for more needles, a long sleep, a missing molar, antibiotics & pain relief. The upside of that is I’ve been eating freshly boiled chicken with brown rice these past few days.

Last year I was all talk about the dogs we met on our outings and there have been plenty. The latest was a small bullock named Brady. Methinks the whole Brady Bunch was contained there in one dog’s body. He was ginormous. But well able to run & have high jinks nonetheless.

This summer the dogs aren’t quite the novelty for me anymore so I’ll mostly be letting you know about our beach combing activities. #2minutebeachclean to help clear the coves of plastic. Already we’ve had some interesting finds, a lot of which have washed up rather than being dumped. More anon.

In the meantime perhaps you might like to listen to the song ‘Message in a Bottle’. To put you in the mood for the next instalments.

SIGNED: I,Brufus.

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