I’m back!!

Hi y’all.

No doubt you’ve been wondering where I’ve been. Well so much has happened I’m not sure where to start.

After we left the Coves I spent a couple of days at my cousins’ house. I loved it there, although at times it was quite confusing. No matter where I ventured, indoors or out, upstairs or down, sitting or living room, kitchen or dining…. I kept seeing the same face. I realise my own human is getting on a bit in years & she is slowing down somewhat, but I found the speed of the two-legged in this cousins’ house to be amazing. One minute the grooming brush would be in action, quickly followed by a neck-cuddle, the odd screech, a tail-pull, a sly serving of indeterminate biscuit, TV cartoons in the background and lots of exciting sounds.

It took some time to dawn on me that this was the house of the three sets of girl twins I’d heard so much about. No wonder that it seemed one person could be everywhere at once 😂

After a few thrilling days here my uncle & Missy came to drive me to the city. More excitement abounded but no sign of my own human. I resolved not to be sad. At least I had Missy to help keep my spirits up.

Two weeks later, the eventual joy of my human reunion knew no bounds. I love her so much, couldn’t be mad at her for leaving me.

By all accounts she was lounging around in the Italian countryside…. yeah- that fits alright. She has the look of someone who’s been eating pasta….

(Note to self! Apply for a doggie passport.)

3 thoughts on “I’m back!!

  1. Well hello there!! Ozzy and Solo checking in with you Brufus. We are actually on vacation as of today also. We are booked into the doggie hotel for 7 nights. It’ a fun place- we get to hang out in a large garden- exhilarating territory for smells and sniffs and loaded with spots of curiosity. Great for keeping us active and youthful- Solo (10 yesterday), Ozzy (11). My lady and gent of our home residence are heading to Italy also tomorrow am. We have heard words re wedding and meeting Coppinger Others. It’s bed time now. Must rest arthritic bones. Pleasant dreams Brufus. Great to hear from you. 🐶🐶

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