Tooting & warbling

Life can be so interesting here at times. We’ve had a variety of visitors in the past while so I’ve been too ‘occupied’ to be blogging.

Mmmm… Where to start?

Ok. The Dog World!

Missy & I had the best of beach boisterousness with numerous canines since my previous missive. But I’ll spare ye too much detail so as not to bore y’all. Alright so! -just two episodes.

Daisy, a rescue dog, who we met a few times had a rude awakening when she sniffed at Missy’s stick. Let’s just say it didn’t happen twice. ๐Ÿ˜‚

The following day, for the first time ever, the farmer’s collie dogs formed a welcoming party as we parked the car. The elder was a bit stiff & returned to base as soon as she heard her master calling. Little Meg, however, gamboled along with us as far as Cove 3. My favourite game of doggie tap & go ensued between herself & moi while Missy and the humans (plural) waddled & paddled & did some stick fishing exercises. Even when the humans paused for breakfast we furrowed our grooves in the virgin sand, making quite a mess in the process.

Pausing for breath I absorbed the sights & sounds of the morning, the sunlight dappling the tumbling cliff face, the dark rock, the shimmering seaweed, the dazzling water; the whoosh of a plane high in the sky, the gentle gurgling of the ebb & flow, the crunch of human feet on shells, the thunk of Missy’s stick as it occasionally landed short of its watery target, the babble of human chatter & chuckly laughter, numerous floating toots & avian warbles, followed by the more constant call of one bird in particular …. becoming very persistent actually! Turns out that was the whistling farmer coming looking for Meg. Seemingly she’s only a few months old & hasn’t learned how to correctly interpret the sounds of human summons yet. She was shortly being guided home on a short lead to resume ‘one man & his dog’ type lessons with the senior collie & her farmer.

And what do you think came on the radio in the ๐Ÿš˜ on the way home only ‘The Mexican Whistler’ by Roger Whittaker. How befitting ๐ŸŽผ๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿพ

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