Apologies for the break in normal service…

We had human visitors (I think their names were Porschia & Austin Martin). The doggie bonus was that extra titbits at mealtime became a reality for the duration of their stay. Lovely people.

In our efforts as tourist guides we brought them to lots of places in the locality and therefore we met many, many dogs. Whoop, whoop!

I recall some of their names and their games. Poldark liked to play piggy-back with me. Jake preferred to chase. Tiny Boo wanted to hide beneath my belly until Missy gave him a barking to. Willy liked to paddle in the shallows beside me. And there were more, but way too many to mention here. All in all we had great fun.

We also met some human children who wanted to pet us. Orla was my favourite out of all of them. So gentle.

Every time we meet someone with somedog my human relates a version of my story. So much so that the novelty of my history …. surrender/rescue/lovely story/ awwww/ such a lucky boy/bless him/bless you/what age did you say?/lovely coat/ still behaving like a puppy!/ … is rapidly wearing off me.

And then, the day after the visitors left I had such a strange experience…the rain arrived. Our brown lawn turned orange and lost that crispy feeling. Now if I want to scratch my back, I go slip-sliding down the garden’s slimey slope in an unsatisfactory & clumsy-looking comedy of errors. My human took one look at my efforts yesterday, chuckled & said …

‘You are just going to have to get used to a new normal, Brufus!’

We’ll see!

‘Slip Slidin’ Away’ by Paul Simon is my song of the day today 🎶🐾

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