Queen of the House

Humans are really quaint. This one in particular. Soooo endearing. I’m able to listen to & observe everything from my pole position on the purple rug. I often wonder what goes on in her little head. I love the way she chats aloud to herself and sometimes she even answers her own questions. It can be quite amusing to a dog. Better than a tennis match!

‘Where did I put the…?’

‘Oh, there is is!’

‘What brought me upstairs, I wonder?’

‘How many ounces of breadcrumbs did it say?’

‘I thought that was chicken… yeuch!’

‘I must try and remember that!’

‘Where’s the phone?’

‘Did I not buy tomatoes?’

‘Oh, I am seriously losing it!’

The chat is incessant when we are at home. (She’d get a huge surprise if I responded). I also hear the accompanying sounds of tssk & tut, grunts, gasps and ‘OMGs’!

The body language is hilarious at times too; including light head-banging, skull shaking, clenching of fists, stomping of feet at various levels of annoyance or slamming of kitchen utensils.

All thoroughly enjoyable. But when we are on the beach all her words are saved for me. Full attention & focus is applied and I love it. We truly live in the moment at times like these.

I did some approved rock-climbing earlier today in a doggie variant of the giant’s causeway. Such fun. As herself & Missy picked their way through the low, sandy parts, I became king of a road of my own making.

When I moved forward (in my role as her advance party) I discovered an intricate arrangement of ‘could-be’ fossils. Amazingly, when she caught up with me, she displayed very little interest in my archaeological find.

We had met Boofs on the path down as we arrived – he was on his way home. Hard to have time for him when Missy & I were experiencing stratospheric excitement levels at the sight of the sea. Maybe next time.

When we reached Cove Three, the monstrous seal dog appeared out of nowhere once again & Missy had a renewed, serious, stick- fishing battle on her hands. I just bounced around trying to distract & annoy the pair of them to the best of my ability. I was surprised the human didn’t start talking to herself with all our shenanigans 😂

My song for today is Jody Miller’s ‘Queen of the House’ (arranged to the melody of Roger Miller’s ‘King of the Road’!!). Well worth a listen. 🎼🐾

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