Breakfast-bowling on the beach

I got three-quarters way up the escarpment yesterday before she spotted me. ‘BRUFUS! BACK!!’ I heard her call (not so … gently😂). I obeyed.

Earlier she had decided we’d do breakfast on the beach again. ‘It’s like America at home’, she announced aloud as she looked up the expected temperature high for the day. Honestly I wonder, how could she not be bored of that already. It seems to be always sunny in this place since I’ve been here. And shortly, the novelty of breakfasting al fresco, in the sun, with amazing views of Dunmore East, Woodstown & Crook in the distance, a three coved beach entirely to ourselves, rocks of every shape & size, shiny shells of every proportion imaginable to dog, masses of smooth sand, moderate waves & with doggie-climbable cliffs behind … will wear off I suspect.

Missy looked at me. I forlornly returned her gaze. -in a sort of shoulder shrugging style. I tilted my head to the right and telepathised my thoughts in the direction of my human…. ‘have u ever imagined what it’s like to try & eat doggie style, straight from a bowl, on a breezy, sandy beach?’

‘OK’, she said aloud. ‘Maybe not!’ …’I’ll feed ye before we leave so!’ It was a small offering but we had to make do. I guess she didn’t want Missy eating a full feed before her stick-fishing & swimming exercises.

Anyway the picnic-packing for herself began in earnest. Some frozen grapes. A bottle of (bought) water for herself. A jar of tap water for us😛 & a container for us to drink from. Her cereal (a combo of 14 muesli ingredients that Sporty Spice had prepared at the weekend, mixed with milk) in a sealed Tupperware bowl.

The spoon selection seemed to be a challenge for her. It was between a red-handled, stainless-steel, bowled version or one of plain, white plastic. Several times they swapped places in the cool bag until eventually the plastic was decided on.

So off we went in the 🚘 . Two dogs and our human. She carried

  • one cool bag of food & drinks,
  • one doggie back with leads, poop bags, Missy’s stick etc.
  • and a bum bag with keys, phone and other stuff precious to herself.

The tide was just on the turn by the time we arrived. We picked a mini strand between two coves, about 8 feet wide and the full of the beach deep. The magic of it was that it kept getting longer & deeper as the tide went out and the seabed was exposed. Every time I glanced, the water was further away. Later, as we were about to leave, it wasn’t a private little strand any more – just an essentially disappointing, double row of almost parallel rocks. Lesson learned. Perspective dictated the wonderful illusion apparently.)

All along, Missy was doing some serious stick-catching, chewing and attempted burying as I bounded around inspecting treasures & generally enjoying life. I found the most amazing, glittery, honeycombed stone.

Next thing ye know, a trawler leaving Dunmore East caused a sudden wash up on our shore and scared me half to death. ‘Cause & effect’ I heard my human announce aloud. But I was too busy swiping Missy’s stick for a chew, to wonder what she meant by saying that – can’t taste what’s so special about that baton of Missy’s. Very woody if u ask me.

When she whined, (noooo! not the human….), I reluctantly relinquished the stick, by now a chewed up little cudgel, for further throwing. If it landed in shallow water near rocks, I could skate across the slippery seaweed to get to it quicker than the swimming-wonder who thinks she actually owns it. She certainly is proprietary about it. So I hid it😂. Perhaps tomorrow we’ll need two sticks.

Soon it was time for my human to open the cereal bowl. She started with two of the frozen grapes as she rooted, turn by turn, in all three bags … by times frantically … looking for the plastic spoon.

As it turned out she was the one who had to eat straight from the bowl. The spoon was at home on the counter-top when we arrived back to the house. I’d say ‘just desserts’ (her having to eat straight from the bowl) but I suppose that phrase might not be befitting for a breakfast blog!

The song that’s going around my head at the moment is Supertramp’s ‘Breakfast in America’ 🎼🎶🐾

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