Rockin’ with my Tribe

I am beside myself with excitement. I have made two new doggie pen-pals. They contacted me in the comments section of I think they live in Cork. That’s all I’ll say for the moment as I relish the thrill of it. Yippee!

Apologies for my lack of blog activity. It’s been a hectic & extended weekend here in dog-blog land. Hallie and I had an adventurous few days. She’s a great one for playing ‘chase’. Indoors or out, it makes no difference. We have some purple rugs on the floor that are brilliant for sliding on. The only way to fool her is when we are at the beach… I run into the water because I know she won’t follow me there (yet). I am getting so brave I now race in through the waves almost unknown to myself.

We had a few early starts (well, early for us I mean!). Seemingly it was to give us running freedom on an otherwise human-free beach. We even brought a breakfast picnic with us.

Now that the heatwave is in full fettle all the bays & strands are bog full of cars from mid morning. So inconvenient for us later in the day when the place is packed. 😂 Some people give off serious ‘not a dog-lover’ scents & vibes. I can sense them a mile off and if I wasn’t on the lead when they’re around I might be tempted to approach.

And Missy has returned to visit me as well. I feel so ‘wanted’ in my new home it’d almost bring a tear to the eye. Missy arrived a full day or more before Hallie left so it was doggie heaven here for over 24 hours.

As much as Hallie loves chasing, Missy equally adores stick fishing. We have the odd barney if I follow her too closely at stick-catching time but I mostly just leap around and splash. I’ve no interest in her oul clump of wood, truth be told.

I suppose I should mention that some humans visited also in the past few days. We had the one I call Sporty Spice who arrived with Hallie. Next arrived Bruce Springsteen (aka The Boss) who brought Missy. And thirdly we had Imelda May Not (the cousin who doesn’t help much about the place). She hadn’t even the decency to bring a dog for me to play with.

Next thing, well what do ye know…? Sporty & Imelda went off kayaking & left my exhausted human alone doing a big clean-up in the house. (She’s discovered that I shed a lot of my black, glossy, hairy coat …daily 🙀).

I realise it’s half a century old at this stage but I think ‘Hair’ the American Tribal Love Rock Musical would make appropriate listening today. G’wan…I dare ya!! Ah sure, have a beer in the sunshine while yer at it 🍻 🎼🐾

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