It wasn’t fake news..ok?!

Ok. Ok! I get the gist. It isn’t an alien; it’s an electric fan. But bear with me… my belief was genuine. I am still only learning about things like this. Plus I’m relieved to know that I am her ‘only one’! Well until last night I was. And no…I am not hallucinating 😂

I’m almost afraid to relate today’s story in case people think it’s more fake news. Believe it or not, there are now four of us ‘living’ here (not counting the alien/fan). A new human and her dog arrived yesterday evening and stayed all night. They were here before so I’m presuming it’s not forever. Hallie is the dog’s name. She is gorgeous. Already I love her even more than the last time we met.

Oooh! We had such fun chasing around on the beach this morning. We were sooo speedy over the seaweed, sand, stones and rocks. Hallie thought she was chasing me…but I can categorically state that it was the other way around. (A bit like Andreia on the dogsitting day. Where do they get these notions I wonder.)

The farmer’s cows were making an odious racket up on the cliffs. I think they wanted to join in the fun but then their master called them away and off they lumbered on a well worn path in sweaty, single file, & mooing and looing all the way.

The stillness of the water meant it was not as scary as previous visits so I bravely surged forth and before I knew it I was swimming. Hallie was standing on a large boulder in the shallows … being careful and observing my technique. The two humans joined me in the deep, one swimming and one deep-paddling to hip level. (No prizes for guessing which was which.)

Yet still Hallie remained where she stood. The swimmer returned to shore and plucked her off the rock, tucked her beneath her arm and waded out to me. Gently placing her in the ocean beside me, the human released her so we could swim in together. (Sorry to reader Joan we have no photo of the manoeuvres!!)

It was blissful. We were set up for the day. And now after a light, late breakfast we are taking a well-earned break listening to ‘Oh! I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside’ by Juice Music on Spotify (u see… now I even know where the music comes from!).

It’s special having a doggie friend to play with. 🎼🐾

One thought on “It wasn’t fake news..ok?!

  1. I smile with delight when reading your blog Brufus. You friend is indeed cute. The weather is quite hot , be sure to have your bowl filled with water at all times. Ozzy and Solo your canine friends here in Cork are flattened from the heat. Walks are taken early in the day and late at night- 10 past 11 pm they came home the other night- I know that they were not “ clubbing” as I was with them! Cold damp grass is mighty for sniffinh and peeing. Have fun Brufus – you hosting skills are excellent too. Hugs Joan.


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