An addition to the family?

Where once we were two, now I think we are three. He/she (not sure which… so I will refer to him/her as it) seems to have appeared out of nowhere as if it was hiding somewhere in the house all this time.

To my eyes it actually resembles an alien. A huge head on a tiny body. One large flat foot with four toes, all painted in a different shade of nail varnish. It doesn’t move around much but boy does it make a stir. All day and all night! I can’t say it’s very demanding – just seems to sit there on a stool or table looking from side to side and blowing a lot of warm air. I’ve never seen it eat & can’t decide if it’s tube fed or not.

Actually I’m not sure it has even learned how to walk yet. I think my human lifts it from table to stool. Always somewhere close to her so she can keep an eye on it. Sometimes she gives a little tap to its foot. A gentle warning to quieten down I presume. But as soon as she turns away it’s neck speed increases.

I approach it gingerly, if at all, because on the odd occasion so far when I got anywhere near, it just blew rudely in my face.

I suppose I’m going to have to get used to it. Here! See what you think of it yourself!!

At this very moment I’m listening to the Kina Grannis version of Blowin’ in the Wind 🎼🐾

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