Surrender versus sale!

I delightedly leapt into the boot thinking we were heading for some water borne exercise. Shortly thereafter my sense of direction emitted a warning beacon and instantly my suspicions were aroused. This was no paddling outing. Before long the parking sensors on the 🚘 were beaming in sync with my anxiety levels. Beep/shriek, beep/shriek.

In contrast, there were soothing sounds from my human as she released me from my short traveling captivity. But, for once, her voice was not very reassuring for me. This, followed by the fact that I was being kept on a very short lead, had my internal alarm bells rapidly ascending in pitch.

We approached the small house. I had never been here before. Calm down, I thought…maybe this is just going to be another marvelous first-time experience in my new life. My initial instinct was to cock my leg at the front door but that was nipped in the bud by ‘yer wan’ (my human).

Perhaps I shouldn’t be so nervous, I decided. The tiny porch was a delightfully smelly place to me so I attempted to pause there momentarily. But I was quickly whisked through it on the tight rein, without so much as a chance to sniff properly.

Peering around my human’s leg I took in our surroundings. Scents of an exciting variety were relegated as a cacophony of sound assailed my ears. People talking, a phone ringing, machines beeping, dogs barking in a nearby room. What is going on here, I wondered? I observed a bowl of water sitting in a puddle on the tiled floor, some chairs, a few shelves, a desk, a couple of humans in uniform, a seated woman clutching something…… I pulled myself in her direction….. a cat in a cage!!!!

I tucked my tail between my legs and whined as my human spoke with one of the uniforms. I heard my name being mentioned, quickly followed by the words ‘surrender dog’ 🙀

I was now in a state of utter shock and couldn’t even listen to any more of their verbal interaction. 😾

My human was asked to ‘take a seat’ and to my surprise she just sat on a nearby chair. Thankfully, we were a fair distance diagonally from cat-lady and cage, albeit in quite a small space overall. I resolved to trust my human and go with the flow so I settled down at her feet.

Next thing all hell broke loose. A big man and two massively powerful looking dogs entered our domain. My eyes met the hugest one for an instant and he lunged in my direction, knocking over the bowl of water in the process. His companion then joined in but the floor was slippy so he skated around the place for a few moments-enough time for me to get behind my human’s legs and underneath her chair. I tell you it was scary. Luckily for me the big man was strong enough to hold onto the two of them.

The next arrival was a lovely, calm, gentle (female) Alsatian. Her scent was mind boggling. More importantly, she diverted the attention of the other two. Soon after that a small terrier became part of our little seated group. But why are we all here, I mulled?

Another new arrival at the desk (with a fussy little Pom) partially blocked my view of a man calling me by name. When we moved in his direction I saw that he was dressed in a similar bib & tucker to the uniform who had spoken with my human initially. This must be who she is going to surrender me too I decided sadly. We followed him down a short corridor (her quite eagerly, me very reluctantly) and into a strange looking room. After a chat between the pair of them the guy picked me up like a feather and plonked me unceremoniously on a high table. (Hold on there Bucko, I felt like saying …but I resisted. Maybe this is going to be my next new human. Will I ever find a forever home😿). He sure was taking a careful look at the merchandise. After feeling me all over, looking in my mouth, saying I have tartar on my teeth, gazing into my eyes with a light, putting cold drops on the skin at my neck, weighing me, he then did something unmentionable down at my tail.

I obviously didn’t pass the surrender-test because before I knew what was happening he was giving me back to my human and releasing both of us. Oh joy!!

Joy was short-lived. We were back in the place with the desk & chairs & dogs & cat-cage and queueing. I hoped it was merely to bid farewell to the uniforms but as we had to wait awhile I started to wonder if maybe she still had the intention of relinquishing me. Our turn came and I saw money changing hands. Not only is she abandoning me, she’s selling me! At that, the Bichon Frise being held in the arms of a young girl in the queue beside us vomited volumes of green bile down on top of me. As you can imagine I didn’t like that but the uniform behind the desk took one look down at me and must have decided not to purchase after all. She chose to set us free. Phew 😅

I didn’t delay in the porch on the way out. I bounded into the boot at speed when we reached the 🚘.

I sat with my back to my human for the whole evening to let her know what she had put me through. What kind of place was that? And it was only later when I realised the uniform had actually kept the money. The cheek! 👀

My music choice today just has to be ‘How much is that doggy in the window?’ The Lita Roza version🎼🐾

2 thoughts on “Surrender versus sale!

  1. Brufus you seem to be bonding very well with “the human”.You have adapted social skills, aroused the senses, passed the vehicle passenger test and interacted accordingly with other species Don’t fret – you have got yourself a fantastic forever home. By the way all doggies have to visit “the house of uniforms” at various times. Hope you are getting a healthy diet and sleeping / resting periods as required. Send me another photo soon. Lol Joan.🐶

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