The tar is melting

Wow! In all my 5 years of life, I’ve never noticed tar melting on the roads before this weekend. It looks dark & sticky, is viscous & gloopy to the paw- but oooh the scent is amazing. Sniffing tar is my new hobby. Here follow my hints of the day though … take a paw bypass if u spot the mini quagmire on time & do not put your nose too near it.

The fact that I am already black all over was a help as I perfected my sniffing technique. The gummy adherence was not immediately noticeable by my human so I could attempt some covert camouflage (I didn’t succeed – she noticed).

Sand surfing & wave hopping were two of my favourite new sensory experiences last week. Not a patch on tar sniffing let me tell u. Looking forward to seeing what new excitements there are in store for me this coming week.

Cant delay…off out to enjoy the sunshine. But a song called ‘Tar and Cement’ by Mullingar’s favourite son (Joe Dolan) comes to mind…. 🎶🎼🐾

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