Sign language

Before she left to return to her place of work, Missy gave me some reading lessons.

Everywhere we go there are notices to be read. I thought they were just decorative features for beaches & piers, but no! It seems they carry messages & instructions- by humans, for humans. I’m not so sure the humans pass much heed though.

Only once did I see a ‘no barking’ sign. I understood that I was not to be barking at lorries or cars.

But Missy, who is wiser than me, explained that it actually reads ‘no parking’. Oh 🙈 so much for me to learn.

The humans seemed to pass no regard on this sign as they were parked all higgeldy piggeldy around the place…and there was me being spectacularly silent. (I’m what’s known as a rules follower – if I understand the instruction I will do my utmost to follow it).

Such as the day I thought we were patrolling the kitesurfers beach… I stopped dead when we came to the sign that said ‘end of beach patrol’, despite the fact that the long, sandy strand stretched out for another mile or so ahead of me. How was a dog to know what it really meant? It seems we weren’t patrolling after all-just exercising. Thankfully, my human chucked the lead gently and forward we marched. No further encouragement necessary.

But I should have known immediately what to make of the sign I saw at Baginbun. You would think the pictures should help (sort of) explain the verbal instruction that has been drummed into me since day one of my beach escapades.

To date signs haven’t stopped me trying to cliff-climb but one shrill lip-whistle and back I bound in the direction of my human, to whom by now I am very emotionally attached. I suppose that’s progress.

For some reason the music track ‘The Sign’ by Ace of Base is on a loop inside my head today. 🎼🐾

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