Now that the evenings are growing shorter….

It’s that time of year again. The downward slide towards winter has begun…..ah only joking really 🙃

Summer in all her glory is about to punch in her clock. Temperatures in the late 20s are forecast. And I have 12 beaches to choose from, all within 10 minutes of the house.

So why am I so sad?

Missy’s holiday is through. Her human has breezed-in & will spirit her off with him later today. She must return to her workplace.

We had a fab final day together at Carnivan & Baginbun beachesincluding oceans of seaside time, stick chasing, branch burying, rock pooling, chasing and generally having delightful doggie hoopla.

We had another visitor also. My human’s cousin. I thought she’d be of more help around the house but naw, not much use in that regard 👅 😛 (joke!). Her dog-loving abilities were excellent tho….

Music choice for today? ‘Time to say Goodbye’ as sung by Katherine Jenkins 🎼

Missing ya already Missy😢 🐾

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