‘Bring your dog to work’ day…

I hear a rumour that tomorrow is ‘bring your dog to work day’ in Ireland. Not so sure they got that right. I think it should be ‘bring your human to work’ day.

Missy works! Yes! She is the Parish Dog in Booterstown. She is just here on a vocation-vacation and will be going back to her place of employment tomorrow. Just in time for ‘bring your human to work day’. Follow her on Facebook if you don’t believe me!!

In fact, Missy rarely takes a break. She was actually on duty the whole time she spent with us. She was here to educate me. I am her apprentice.

So what have I mastered (mistressed?) apart from (shock, horror) the fact that eating dog meat in South Korea is soon to be banned?

OK! With Missy as my role model here is a list of my first ten accomplishments ….

  1. I’ve sounded out how to interpret the various grades of human voice tone e.g. the difference between ‘sit’ and ‘SIT!’ 💭

  2. I’ve become versed in lakeshore studies (near restful waters you’ll see swans seeking sustenance). Strictly speaking that was before Missy but she put kitesurfers and large jellyfish into perspective for me 🥖

  1. I’ve waded through techniques in seaside wave management (feel the fear but just plunge on in 🌊)

  1. I’ve soaked up the salt and sand at stick-jumping time in the full knowledge of a soothing shower & vigourous towel-rub on my return home 🏡

  2. I’ve memorised how to respond to the word ‘H..uuuu..u..p’ when poised on the ground near the boot (trunk) of the TCTTIASUV 🚘

  3. I’ve brushed up on how to lie still & enjoy some basic daily dog grooming by my human 🐕

  4. I’ve matriculated in the doggy-dialogue of practical but ultimately harmless protection of our territorial borders against incursions on several fronts simultaneously (Missy wrote that bit! I think she’s been listening to the international news) 🗺

  5. I’ve acquired information (but haven’t gained practice) on locations nearby where bunnies like to play & cats like to join in 🐰 🐱

  6. I’ve grasped the fact that any attempts at rock climbing must be dictated by my human ⛰

  7. I’ve gathered that while our daily music choices are arbitrary, so far we have not included heavy rock in our selections. And today will be no different 🎸

So as you mull through that list, our rather apt music choice for now is the complete soundtrack from Big Little Lies, with particular emphasis on the title (aka as a human/canine command) ‘Don’t’ as sung by Zoë Kravitz. 🎶 🐾

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