I’m official! I’m hers….

Whoopee & Yikes- it’s true. I’m officially adopted & licensed. I witnessed this my very own self from the boot, aka trunk, of TCTTIASUV (keep up! That stands for ‘the car that thinks it’s an SUV’). I was warned not to whinge, whine or bark in the absence of my human. A lot of instructions for me to take on board but I tried to be a good boy. With my right eye up close to the doggie-grid, close to the open window, I could just about see her inside the Post Office. ‘Dog Licence for Brufus’ I heard her say. The Postmistress repeated the words ‘Dog Licence’ and started writing my particulars on a blue sheet. A setter cross, I overheard. I’m not cross I thought…. And I’m being a good boy not whinging, whining, barking etc…. oops an involuntary little shriek of elation escaped my lips when I saw the licence changing hands- the sound just kinda fell out of my mouth & my human heard me. Oh the look I got on her return to TCTTIASUV- no words …just an expression some might call questioning. All picture, no sound. I got the message. But behind it all I know she loves me.

The music choice on the way home was appropriate I thought.

Rag’n’Bone Man’s ‘Human’ with the refrain ‘don’t put your blame on me’ certainly struck a chord with me🎼 She is only human after all…..🐾

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