Slade Castle & cliffs in the sun!

Imagine a Castle. Abutting a harbour. Close to a seaweeded, sandy cove. Adjacent to scenic cliffs where the earth has been planted bordering their edge. With distant views of the Saltee islands to your left & the peeping top of a lighthouse that reveals itself as you walk south.

That’s where my new best friend Missy and I were on our most recent outing.

How lucky are we?!

We passed 3 generations of fisherpeople on the rocks, expecting mackerel (I could have told them the mackerel haven’t come in yet but perhaps they were there for pollock?!). Their laughter floated up to us on a warm, benign breeze.

The next field we arrived at was inhabited by a large herd of enormous, grazing cattle.

Remembering how Missy (who by now was straining on her lead) had previously tried to make friends with Papa & Mama Bunny & Black Panther, my human thought better of going any further on this particular day…..

Back to the car and we detoured towards our own favourite/private beach … for some character-building speed training & stick retrieval. The tide was out, the seaweed was in. Slip sliding down the ramp we absorbed nature’s windswept landscaping from the boisterous weather of the night before.

Skating over towards a sandbar and further fun & games was quite an undertaking, especially for my human, but we made it. And the stick throwing commenced.

Appropriately enough, ‘Unchain my heart’ was one of our music choices on the journey home. 🎼

Oh ….I am soooo happy here….🐾

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