Tig & tag at twilight

At some stage during the quiet of the Irish twilight time yesterday we went out for a (lead-free) stroll. Missy, herself (from hereonin to be known as ‘my human’) and moi.

A stroll? it was not!

We were only gone about ten yards from our house when Missy got the scent of a bunny rabbit.

Kapow-she took off at speed.

As for moi-what could I do only look on in utter amazement. In no time at all she was right on his tail (I’m convinced it was a Papa Bunny 🐇). My human called out to Missy in that stage 4 level voice of hers…all to no avail. Missy was determined to meet the bunny. But for some strange reason the bunny didn’t want to meet Missy. He started to play games with her- he ducked, dived & weaved all at speed and soon the clever bunny had hidden in a thick hedge where patterdales could not follow.

Phew 😅.

But my ‘phew’ only lasted ten seconds. Missy caught the scent of Mama Bunny & courtship number 2 began. This was even more frantic for my human but exhilarating for Missy because I decided to join in. Whoop whoop! We raced across the common ground and I added some enthusiastic barking into the mix of excited bunny shrieks, thumping paws & unanswered human summonses. Mama Bunny followed Papa Bunny into the hedge and I thought that would be that. The game was over. But no!

Next thing I see is Missy accelerating into the back garden of an unoccupied house, where she went out of sight for a hurried (harried for my human) moment before suddenly reappearing on the tail of the largest, sleekest, blackest, panther-sized cat I have ever seen. Honestly I am not prone to exaggeration, he was three times her size. But strange to say, the cat didn’t want to stop & play with Missy either. He must have thought the only game she knew was TAG, TIG or CHASE. He decided she was still ‘on’ in the game since she hadn’t caught up with Papa or Mama Bunny so he fled in a different direction to them. Missy almost caught up with him before he bounded up to relative safety on the roof of a nearby mobile home. They eyed each other momentarily before the panther found a high level escape route across sheds & the like….. & Missy innocently trotted back to my human as if to say ‘you were calling?

After the fun & games she took up position on my human’s chair & listened to Watership Down alternating with The Pink Panther on Spotify.

Honestly I am learning so much new stuff here. It’s great. 🐾

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