Thanks y’all.

Getting great feedback so far. Spread the word. I’m aiming to become more popular than Count Curley Wee in the daily papers in the 1950s🤣 (currently being reprinted I hear).

We had a gallop on Grange beach earlier.


(Well, I never saw Grange Beach before but I overheard her thinking that!!)

The erosion didn’t impact on Missy & me. We were racing around the place in excitement, in glorious sunshine & in view of the Saltee Islands. I thought I was fast but Ooohh…she is like the Duracell Bunny with extra power. We had the entire place to ourselves (apart from two ladies a good way away from us, sitting on a rock smoking cigarettes -yuck- & chatting).

The waves were noisy again but today I was very brave. Herself was throwing a stick into the water for Missy to swim out to & return, so I ventured in too. But there was no sharing that stick. I got another snappy reprimand from the little she-wonder for even thinking about touching it. Every time she came ashore she chewed the stick, pulling great big lumps off at a time. Before long all that was left was a little stump so we had to abandon that for a lark!

We headed off up the beach over bright-green, seaweed-covered rocks to a clear sandy spot where the waves were quieter.

Our gallops reduced to trots & we even found a little cave. I, of course, had to try a spot of cliff climbing….well what’s a boy to do when he sees the beautiful sea-pinks of the Hook Peninsula winking & waving down at him & wafting exhilarating scents in his direction? When Missy decided to follow me up the scrag we were both called back. Spoilsport!

Naturally, I came down immediately. But Missy? Oh no! She was having none of it. So herself kept calling-

Missy (gentle tone)

Missy (high pitched tone)

Miissyy… (higher pitch)

MISSY (getting sharper)

MIISSYY (sharp bordering on a bark)

MMMMIIIISSSSYYYY (in an ‘I can’t bear to listen’ bark)

…and down she saunters.

The music theme on the way home was ‘Islands in the Stream’ by Kenny Rogers & some First Aid Kit (from the Renault Kadjar advert). We stopped for fresh fish. I whined a bit🙈

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