I, Brufus

Hello there! My name is BRUFUS. I’ve come to live with Ursula. I’m a setter cross with maybe some spaniel in there (but without the giddiness). I am 5 years old and what is known as a rescue dog. I’m a bit set in my ways… but they are such adorable ways, Urs doesn’t mind.

Since I came to live with her I’ve done & seen some exciting things… I saw swans for the first time, up close at Ladeston lake. I’ve done part of the cliff walk at Slade in Co. Wexford. I’ve made 2 new doggie friends in Holly & Hallie. I’ve heard waves move over the sand & stones at Boyce’s Bay – that noise was a bit frightening at first but when coaxed by Ursula’s friend, I went in for a swim. That was followed by a little rock climbing but I came back immediately when she whistled. I’ve had a run on Carnivan beach and paddled in the rock pools. And I’ve visited Hook Lighthouse, the oldest operational lighthouse in the world. At night I sleep on a king sized feather duvet and when we travel I have the entire boot to myself with a great view out the back window of the ‘car that thinks it’s an SUV’!! All in all it’s been a good first week methinks. Next week I meet my cousin Missy, the patterdale terrier …so watch this space…… 🐾 🐾 🐾

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