Day 2

Hello all. Brufus here.

Today was another exciting day for me. We walked the red Tintern Trail. Lots of stimulation for all 5 senses. Sights like I’ve never seen before. Sometimes it was quite dark & scary for me …but mostly fine. The sounds of birds singing high above me in the trees. The feel of the trails beneath my paws and the taste of the freshly flowing water. But the most exciting part was the scent. OMG the smells were amazing!! Apart from the waning smell of all the wild garlic there were lots of other interesting ‘nose-flavours’ in abundance. I was keen to take in the more difficult purple trail but we are leaving that for another day.

We met some tourists who took a liking to me and one of them wanted to pet me….oh dear! Her handbag slipped off her shoulder right down on top of me and boy I got some fright. I was like a right scaredy-cat for a while after that.

On the way home in the car with the back windows open & the wind blowing in my hair we alternated between Dire Straits ‘Sultans of Swing’ & Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Tusk’ at full volume. When Urs stopped off at the local shop she told me not to bark while she was gone….so I didn’t 👏Aahh after all those nose flavors here I am drinking some well deserved, cool, fresh Tintern water 💦

——————– ——————

And here follows a picture of the place where the handbag assault took place 👜

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